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Frequently Asked Questions on the Ukraine crisis and his consequences.


[edit] Euromaidan

[edit] Q.: Who led Ukraine to the Euromaidan?

A.: In brief: the Americans. In Ukraine we've seen the classical color revolution like in Tunis, Egypt, Libya and dozen other countries.

In condition of the weak state and mass media controlled by the USA Yanukovych's chances were no more than of a hamster against a wolf.

All these conversations about "golden loaf" and "corruption" are for the audience of Poroshenko's TV channel. There is no less corruption in other civilized countries, but the people there don't go on squares and jump there to be shot by "unknown snipers".[1][2][3][4]

[edit] Q.: Is there evidence of involvement of Americans in the preparation of Euromaidan?

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A.: Yes, of course, they didn't even think to hide, did everything in public.

For example, the US Ambassador Jeffrey Payette openly ordered militants, Nuland was decided in the opened phone call, whom to appoint the Prime Minister of Ukraine, US senators spoke on the Maidan… no one can deny the obvious.[5]

[edit] Q.: And yet, could Yanukovych to prevent a coup d'etat?

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A.: No. In chess this situation is called zugzwang - compulsory - any action (or inaction) of Yanukovych played into the hands of militants

For example, in Syria in a similar situation, the police seized weapons and fighters immediately began to kill unarmed police.

Of course, Yanukovych was a thief and a weak ruler, but accusations like "he ought to have been more resolute" or "he ought to have been more soft" to the wrong address. It wouldn't matter.

[edit] The interests of the United States, Europe and Russia

Основная статья: Отношения России и США

[edit] Q: Why Americans the coup d'etat in Ukraine?

A.: Ukraine for Americans are not important by itself - for them it is just a small poor country on another continent.

However, for US is very important Russia and European Union. Controlled by the Americans chaos in Ukraine allows Americans to achieve several purposes.[6]

  • a) To deprive Russia of another access to the sea in accordance with plan "Anaconda".
  • b) To slow the reunion of the Russian people.
  • c) To estabilish in Ukraine own military bases, accomodate ships, defense system and missiles.
  • d) To monitor the pipeline of hydrocarbons from Russia to the EU.
  • e) To create a base for training terrorists to work in Russia.
  • f) To weaken Russia by linking its military and political resources in the conflict in Ukraine.
  • g) To weaken Russia by organizing multi-million dollar stream of refugees from destroyed Ukraine.
  • h) To set fire to Europe, thus forcing the capital to flee to suffering from the crisis of America as a safe harbor.

[edit] Q.: The EU also supported the Maidan, isn’t it so?

A.: The Europeans had another plan — to join Ukraine to himself on the rights of the colony, and to rob her: to extort money from the war-ravaged country's natural and human resources, to get let beggar, but still the market for their goods, to weaken Russia.

It did not happen. The Americans did not stop at the intermediate version and plunged the country into a chaos.

So now the Europeans have not to gain money - they need at least some order in Ukraine, to going through her stream of gas shall not dried out, and so as that she shall not become a "hot spot": the source of the militants and refugees.

Thus the EU temporarily playing in the same team with Russia, albeit reluctantly. European policy in private negotiations recognize that Americans use Europe to harm her. [7] However, US influence in Europe is still too large, so that the Europeans could openly to resist the voice of Washington.

[edit] Q.: What about sanctions against Russia and Merkel's anger?

A.: Germany - defeated in the WWII the country, it is full of American military bases and, in general, controlled by the Americans. Suffice it to recall that half of the gold reserves of Germany is located in the United States, and Americans are not even allowed Germans to check him. [8][9]

The German Chancellor is not particularly independent, and must, at least formally, to support US policy.

In practice, however, the Europeans strongly sabotage any anti-Russian actions. For example, the speaker of the state Duma Sergey Naryshkin, who allegedly denied entry into the EU, quietly opened 15 April exhibition in Paris - it was not a tourist, but a working visit. [10]

Americans are sick and tired already impossible, and their impact on global elites melts every month.

[edit] Q.: What is the plan "Anaconda"? Is it some kind of conspiracy?

A.: Unfortunately, no. From the point of view of geopolitics Russia is a "heartland", the heart of the planet. We are in a very advantageous position, and if not to keep us constantly, we will expand as expanded the Russian Empire and the USSR. (ewp:The Geographical Pivot of History)

To deter Russia, the West uses the plan "Anaconda", the essence of which consists in blocking our ports. "Anaconda"

Thus, the key point in Ukraine was Crimea: drove the Black Sea Fleet from the Crimea could be locked with Russia on the one hand. This was the main strategic task of the Americans - and here they are, fortunately, has already failed.

While in Ukraine remain Odessa and Nikolaev, so Americans will make substantial efforts so that these cities were controlled by hostile Russian forces.

[edit] Q.: Why should we quarrel with US? Why can't we live peacefully?

A.: Because from the point of view of American politicians Russia is "Heartland", the heart of the Earth. We are the main and the most dangerous from their competitors.

US is satisfied with Russia only in one form - in the form of several poor, unstable, warring with each other debris, which are controlled by the Americans.

In fact, in the late nineties put Russia on the threshold of this plan. Fortunately, the latest Yeltsin "twist" and subsequent Putin actions has confused Americans card.

In addition, now the US has another reason to beat Ukraine to the last. In the first quarter of 2014 US has lowered its growth rate for GDP from +2.6% to -2.9%[11], and if in the near future they will not be able to organize in Europe a serious war, the US economy should likely collapse under the weight of debt.

[edit] The attitude of Russia to located in the West countries of the former USSR

[edit] Q.: Why Russia cannot simply leave Ukraine alone?

A.: Because Ukraine in its present form is our enemy. It was established in 1991 for the sole purpose to be an enemy of Russia.

To this end the country was so much emphasize the national idea of Ukraine — deadlocked formula "Ukraine is not Russia". Therefore, there is no state Russian language, so there urgently make a hero from Stepan Bandera.

The struggle with Russia is the only task of the Ukrainian project. Is it time to end the feud with Russia, Ukraine and Russia will immediately become allies and heal: and that Americans don't want.

[edit] Q.: What about the Baltic States? They have the same russophobic policy, but we do not interfere in their affairs.

A.: Yes, there exactly the same situation as in Ukraine. The only reason for the existence of the Baltic States - the struggle with Russia. Oppression of the Russian language, "non-citizens" Latvia and Estonian: the European Union on this case gave them loans.

It can't last forever. The struggle with Russia and oppression Russians will end sooner or later these countries badly - at least in economic terms. Suffice it to recall the new port in Ust-Luga, which took away from ports in the Baltic States a significant proportion of Russian goods, and will soon take them almost entirely.

[edit] Q.: So why do we tolerate the Baltic States, but actively intervene in going process in Ukraine?

A.: For the same reasons that USA spend a lot of money during the organization of Ukraine chaos.

We don't need in Ukraine neither the bases of NATO, nor Americans missile defense nor bases of terrorists, nor, finally, problems going on in Europe gas pipeline.

In addition, we should remember about Russians in Ukraine. We can't just take and give them to the slaughter for Bandera's followers. They have the right to a normal life.

Finally, let us not forget that Russia also have own geopolitical interests. In addition to the Crimea we desperately need other ports in Ukraine, access to Transnistria, industrial enterprises of the South-East of Ukraine and, of course, Russian people living in Ukraine.

[edit] Q.: Is it ethical on the part of Russian interference in Ukraine's affairs?

A.: Ukraine is not economically independent. Natural resources there are few industrial companies can't compete with European, opportunities to live on credit at the expense of the developing countries do not have. Even handouts from the EU and those not wait for this, Ukraine is too big. Without Russia, the Ukraine is doomed to poverty: it is a clinical fact.

In addition, participation in the war against Russia - cold or hot - suicidal for Ukraine. Namely, this war Ukraine inclines the West.

Thus, the friendship with Russia is not just in the interests of Ukraine - any alternatives to suicide, fast or slow.

So when Russia intervenes in the Affairs of Ukraine - though not so blatantly as the United States, but intervenes - it is not only Russia's interests, but the interests of the Ukrainian people.

[edit] Q.: Why Belarus is so different from Ukraine?

A.: Open the map. Belarus has no outlet to the sea, so from a geopolitical point of view it is West of little interest. With the help of Belarus impossible to block Russian access to the sea.

But the Baltic countries access to the sea is, so there in support of Russophobia were hammered vast resources.

[edit] Prospects of development of Ukrainian crisis

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[edit] Q.: What is going on in Ukraine?

A.: Civil war, chaos and decay. The state was destroyed jumping on the Maidan zombies, and the country now lives by inertia, each week, deeper and deeper plunge into the ruin.

The main state apparatus - the police - was destroyed. And without it, state very quickly begins to burst at the seams. It is possible to live years without a President or a mayor, but you can't live without the policeman. Decay progresses: it is possible that soon we will announce the independence of not only the South-Eastern region, and Western and Kiev position junta already seriously weakened.

[edit] Q.: Is it possible in this situation somehow restore order, or already late?

A.: To achieve a sustainable position it would theoretically be possible after the rebellion of Donbass. Ukrainian economy stopped, so soon on the street will be a huge number of unemployed youth. If you give them a small, but stable salary, they can form huge groups of punishers, which will keep the impoverished population in check.

As the example of North Korea: although citizens living there several times poorer than even in Ukraine, however, the order in the country is provided.

In fact, a self-proclaimed authorities are trying to go in this direction, the creation of a national punitive guard was just such a step. Fortunately, so far, the junta did not work out. Most likely, the junta will simply not be enough time to implement this plan, it will be swept away before.

[edit] Q.: What will happen to the South-East of Ukraine?

A.: South-East and before that with great hostility perceived attempts of violent derisively. Now the situation had become completely transparent.

Bombing of Donbass and the mass murder of people in Odessa has given up on any attempts junta to subdue the South-East is relatively peacefully.

The military also by the junta is unlikely to achieve anything. History shows that the suppression of this kind of folk performances takes at least several years, if at all, they manage to suppress. Several years, the junta definitely not: it is not a fact that she will live at least until the winter of this year.

You should also be aware that in the South-East people have two very selinah and clear ideas to fight the Nazis and reunification with Russia. Advantages of these ideas are abundant, starting with the obvious economic. Of the minuses - only nonsense about Stepan Bandera and mythical generosity of the European Union on TV as itself is pure.

[edit] Q.: Can the junta to suppress DNR and LNR military force?

A.: At this stage this will require direct assistance to Russia or the United States. Such aid for political reasons, the junta will not be granted. Americans are in no position to start a third world war, and Russia and if anyone will support openly, except that the Novorossiya.

[edit] Q.: But what about other regions of Ukraine? There are living descendants of Bandera, they are ideological enemies of Russia?

A.: Such regions are very few. Even in Lviv descendants of Bandera much less than it seems. They are in power, yes, but this does not mean that the silent majority supports them.

In addition, the army is not fed and not supplying arms, the high command constantly betrays fighters. Rampant drunkenness and desertion.

In such circumstances, the occupying forces to carry out combat tasks cannot. Only punitive.

[edit] Q.: Does the army Donetsk National Republic Russian special forces?

A.: Highly unlikely, unless the volunteer or retired. From the ideological point of view it is very important that we not were occupiers, to the Ukrainians themselves dropped Bandera and took power in their country.

In addition, the political situation requires Russia to pretend we are in a neutral position. So we all forces do not seem to provide military assistance to the South-East of Ukraine and the States, despite all efforts, are unable to present evidence to the contrary.

Now, thanks to the punisher junta, the inhabitants of the South-East rather angry that the army of Novorossia have enough fighters.

[edit] Q: Whether Russia wants to bring troops to Ukraine?

A.: We cannot let this happen - if we introduce troops, States likely will force Europe to terminate with us gas contracts. In the future, this can lead to very sad consequences to the organization of American successful attempts colored coup d'etat in Russia.

Time is on our side. After some time, Ukraine will become a fully Pro-Russian secret order, including Kiev and Lviv. Do not ever feed the nation TV: especially in the presence of so the obvious solution to all problems, how federalization, the entry in the Customs Union, discount on gas for different needs Russia things and so on.

However, this scenario, of course, does not suit US. At the moment they understand that to retain power over Ukraine't work under any scenario and set themselves the task of inflicting Ukraine maximum damage with the aim of forming a flow of refugees and other problems for Russia.

[edit] Q.: That is, the Novorossiya in any case goes to Russia?

A.: Most likely, the point of no return has already been passed, and the army of the Novorossiya will be forced to liberate Ukraine as a whole, including Lviv. Scenario one branch of Novorossiya theoretically possible, but unlikely.

[edit] Russia

[edit] Q.: Whether Russia will be able to digest the Novorossiya? If we have enough money? We so spent much money in Crimea

Основная статья: Новороссия Основная статья: Крым

A.: We are not stingy Europeans. When it comes to the protection of the Russians, not to cheap saving. However, I think, benefits of reunification will be great enough to outweigh the aggregate costs even in the short term.

ЧAs for Crimea, let's not forget that the annexation of Crimea save us $ 3.3 billion annually on discount for gas and $ 7.5 billion one-off on a shorter route South stream.

The USSR was split on the living, so the reunion caught in different regions to be uniquely beneficial for Russia, including in economic terms.

[edit] Q.: Whether Russia will be able to withstand the pressure of the international community?

A.: This is no pressure. There is the pressure from Western countries - Americans and subordinate amorphous States of the European Union. But China, for example, fully supports us as well as India and Brazil.

If to recollect, that to quarrel with Russia is not in Europe's interests - which are not only afraid of our army, but also very much depends on our gas - diplomatic picture gets much clearer.

There is a confrontation between US and Russia, while the US has allies in the form of the pack hypocritical jackals and sang, and Russia has the tacit support of India and China. In General, the diplomatic situation in our favor.

[edit] Q.: Is it possible to repeat Maidan in Russia?

A.: Yes, perhaps. In 2011, Americans have tried to arrange our coup d'etat, and are well advanced in this area.

However, we do not sit idly by — in recent years to protect Russia made a lot. The authorities gradually prohibit to have assets abroad, one after the other stopped financing traitors.

However, once again, Americans have accumulated vast experience in the organization of the colored revolutions. We should not scorn to fend off this threat. We need to quickly bring our legislation to Western standards - freedom of speech should be protected from attempts to restrain her from abroad.

By the way, if we gave the country to Americans, one of the following steps would be Maidan on the Red Square with the participation of thousands hardened in Euromaidan Ukrainian insurgents.

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